Manchester Drive Forest Garden Project

The purpose of this blog is to document the development of the forest garden project that I have been setting up at Manchester Drive allotment site in Leigh on Sea, Essex, as well as any other random permacultural (or not) rambling thoughts that might happen to stray from my brain. I hope you enjoy it or better still, feel inspired to start your own edible food forest!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No more brambles (for now...)

Debby and I went down to the forest garden today and made a final assault on the brambles, and have at last cleared the entire plot! Not that they won't be back (and I wouldn't want to totally eradicate them as they yield beautiful blackberries as well as being a wildlife habitat), however it does feel good to have the upper hand at least for a while, and hopefully from now on we'll at least be able to keep on top of them. Having the mattock to hack out the roots is a great help.

I also managed to start tree planting, getting in two bullaces and two guelder roses before it got too dark to continue. Ron was also down there today tending his forest garden next door, and I was able to scrouge lots of grass cuttings that I put around the new plantings as a mulch. With luck and if the weather holds I'll be able to get down there again before the end of the week to get the remaining trees in that I recently purchased from BTCV. The other selection of wild fruit plants that I bought from Kore nursery are doing well in the greenhouse at home. They look healthy even though currently dormant, but are rather small for directly planting out just yet, and would get swamped by the wild plants at the plot. I think I'll grow them on for another year...

Also the first little spears of the spring's daffodils that I planted last autumn and the year before are just visible, although I also managed to accidentally dig some up as well, which wasn't very clever.

Yet again I managed to forget the camera, so no fresh pics as yet!


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