Manchester Drive Forest Garden Project

The purpose of this blog is to document the development of the forest garden project that I have been setting up at Manchester Drive allotment site in Leigh on Sea, Essex, as well as any other random permacultural (or not) rambling thoughts that might happen to stray from my brain. I hope you enjoy it or better still, feel inspired to start your own edible food forest!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Camp Bling!

At last made it to Camp Bling, the protest camp set up on the site of the Saxon burial ground that Southend Borough Council wants to destroy, along with a good section of Priory Park and many beautiful mature horse chestnut trees, in order to widen a road that will save drivers about 3 minutes journey time (and I can vouch for this, I frequently drive a Southend Borough Council minibus along this stretch during rush hour when its at its most congested, and it only evr takes about 5 minutes to get free of the traffic jam...) I'd gone along to our friend Andrea's new years eve party, but as Bling is just around the corner we ended up going there to see in the new year, and partying til about 4 in the morning to Future Sounds of London and Thin Lizzy and everything musical in between... And I also nearly got my bike stolen by passing local chav-types, thanks to Olly for rescuing it! my head is suffering today though.... So no trip to the forest garden for more bramble clearance as semi-planned ... No snow either, whatever happened to the 'real winter weather' we were threatened/promised???

Anyway, camp bling is an amazing place, some brilliant structures, the main communal house/bender thingy is really roomy, warm and comfortable inside, here's more about it at their 'Blingblog'. I'm going to try to get there a bit more often, and if i remember drop of a few Permaculture books and magazines...


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